"A Dead Whale
or a Stove Boat"

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Omnia mea mecum porto.
"All that is mine I carry with me."
-Cicero, Paradoxa,
J.Smotherman., Red River 1999

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Last Update:
Sunday, May 28, 2015

Text Box: In memory of Capt. John Crabb, Quartermaster, AoP.

Born: July 10, 1953       Last Tattoo: Nov. 25, 2009

“Requiescat in Pace”

Red River 3.....June 7-13, 2015
Updated: 6/1/2015 (links in red)

This is the temporary page for the federal infantry battalion at Red River, to be commanded by
Dom Dal Bello. It is a consolidated battalion (not a pure "AoP" battalion).


Last Prep Letter [posted 6/1]


Battalion Info (mixed battalion of all infantry attending)

Guiding Impression: 77th O.V.V.I. History

 Some history of the 77th.

Uniform Guidelines (key note: NO corps badges)

Keep all modern items hidden. Bring a good cup with a soldered-on bottom.

Packing List [posted 5/18]
TRAVEL LIGHT, but DRY ... I would typically carry two rubber blankets, a wool blanket & a shelter half.
Weather [as of 6/1] looks to highs of 89-91, lows 69-71,
1 days with t-storms, 3 days of possible t-storms.

Hints from the Ragged Old First
Some ideas on campaigning from the 1st Texas of Colorado, in prep for the 1999 Red River2.

NOTE: No need to bring a hatchet. the Battalion will have 4 hatchets, several axes and shovels, as well as some nesting kettles for large stews, coffee, etc.


Health and Safety

REVISED Emergency contact form for your cartridge box
NEW form [5/28]. Half-page form replaces 1/3 page form previously posted.

Ticks, Snakes and Feet
NEW info [5/28]. Basic safety information.


Military Affairs [Updated 6/1]

Ammuntion Procedure [6/1]

AoP Field Regulations * Bugle Calls * AoP Sword Manual * Inspection of Troops *
* Excerpts from Instructions for Guards and Pickets * Grand Guard * Parade *

Some sources to listen to Infantry bugle calls, collected by Todd Bemis are here:
http://civilwarbuglecalls.blogspot.com * https://soundcloud.com/2nd-california
Some words to remember the songs by: http://2ndcalifornia.tumblr.com/

Instructions for Guards & Pickets - Special Offer


Rations and Mail [6/1]

Ration Info
Updated [5/28]. The event is issuing rations starting Monday afternoon, June 8. Bring your own rations to support you until then.

Mail: Incoming [5/18] (new deadline to postmark to Dom: 5/27)

If you want period cancellations, bring your mail to the event..

Mail: Outgoing [6/1] !!

Battalion Staff, Company Officers and Color Guard, Red River I, 1994. Pleasant Hill, Louisiana.

Fall in, man!

Men Wanted:
of the PACIFIC

("Veteran Volunteers")